Current Exhibitions >> Nişantaşı
Özcan Kaplan

Dirimart Nişantaşı is delighted to announce Özcan Kaplan’s solo exhibition titled Chats with Mouth Shut… In this exhibition to be opened in Turkey after 3 years, Kaplan displays a selection of his paintings he has been producing since 2013. While focusing on the illusions between the visible and the known, Chats with Mouth Shut… highlights the stratification processes and time lapses in the artists oeuvres. The depth of Kaplan’s works is correlated with the phases of the production process. It is possible to see countless layers on the canvas, where restarting with the quest to find the unexperimented, self-questioning and coincidences meet with colors.

İsimsiz, 2015
Oil on Cotton
Current Exhibitions >> Dolapdere
Hellion Equilibrium
Power Station, 2016
Sarah Morris

Dirimart is delighted to announce Hellion Equilibrium, an exhibition by New York based American artist Sarah Morris. The artist shows new paintings, and a film work at Dirimart’s recently opened Dolapdere location. The exhibition also includes Morris’ film, "Strange Magic"(2014), commissioned by Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, and shown for the first time in Turkey. The film depicts the production of luxury in relation to France. Frank Gehry’s building becomes the starting point for a focus on the machinery behind France’s cultural currency namely fashion, fragrance and champagne to examine national identity as well as the role of architecture in relation to power.