Fahrelnissa Zeid: Painter of Inner Worlds




Turkish translation of Fahrelnissa Zeid Painter of Inner Worlds.
Fahrelnissa Zeid. The painter who dearly loved swimming in the Bosphorus, Mediterranean, the ocean; who was a citizen of three countries but did not feel entirely belonging to any; who lived and had studios in several cities, mentored several students; who read Spinoza, Kandinsky, Jung, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche. The painter of inner worlds who left us those striking paintings, a spiritual thinker whose writing is as powerful as her works. Her output has stood the test of time, as no work from a given decade can be easily dated or attributed to that period’s art trends.
With this revisionist biography, an analytical and historical account of Zeid’s work that traces her paintings, sculptures, experiments, styles, diaries, and letters, we get to know her both as an artist and a human being. This is a book where we can find a comprehensive comparative analysis on Fahrelnissa’s art and its relation to painting of twentieth century Turkey, the Middle East, and Europe, a book also to be read as a gripping novel retelling her turbulent life full of ups and downs, exaltations, breakdowns, travels, quests. A narrative of both her extraordinary life and the constant innovation and reinvention that characterized her art, which aimed to go beyond all reductionist stereotypes as well as orientalist readings trapping her in certain patterns, interpretations; a text with a beautiful balance between analytical commentary and biographical narration. In doing so, this book redefines Fahrelnissa for the contemporary reader as one of the most important modernist artists of the twentieth century.
With its fourth title, RES, a brand of Dirimart that has been publishing artist books and exhibition catalogues since its foundation, is proud to shed a new light on Fahrelnissa’s work with the

Turkish translation of Painter of Inner Worlds.
Original Title: Fahrelnissa Zeid Painter of Inner Worlds
Author: Adila Laïdi-Hanieh
Translation from English: Esin Berktaş, Çiçek Öztek
Book editor: Çiçek Öztek
Copy editing: Zeynep Yazıcı
Proofreading: Ceren Erdem
Book cover design and layout: ALEF Editorial Design
2018, Istanbul, RES
302 pages | 4 Color, Illustrated, Paperback
Barcode: 9786055815493

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