Fahrelnissa Zeid: Always a Searcher Always a Fighter


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This artist book brings together a group of unknown and little-known works of Fahrelnissa Zeid. She is one of the pioneering artists of 1940s Turkish modernism and of the post-war France avant-garde. The daughter of Kabaağaçlı Şakir Pasha, niece of Grand Vizier Cevat Pasha and sister of painter Aliye Berger and writer Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, a.k.a Halikarnas Balıkçısı, Fahrünissa Zeid took her surname from Emir Zeid, the brother of Iraqi King Faysal I; she changed the spelling of her name to Fahrelnissa in France. She is the first woman artist exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. She joined the “d Grup” in 1942 in Istanbul, at the time she had already started to forge her unique, extraordinary path. She focused on abstract painting; she became celebrated for her monumental and dynamic abstract compositions that engulf the viewer in fields of color, light, and energetic movement, intertwining cosmic and inner universes. Later in her life, she painted portraits of her family and friends. In 1975, she moved to Amman and founded Fahrelnissa Zeid Institute of Fine Arts.
A Fahrelnissa Zeid Retrospective was held in 2017 at the Tate Modern in London, which travelled to Berlin Deutsche Bank Kuntshalle in 2018.

English, Turkish
Texts: Raad Bin Zeid, Hazer Özil
Translation: Merve Ünsal
Photographs: Işık Kaya
Design: Fevkalade
2017, Istanbul, Dirimart
82+8 pages | Four Color, Illustrated, Paperback
Barcode: 9786055815448

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