Özlem Günyol-Mustafa Kunt



Dirimart presents the artist book of Özlem Günyol-Mustafa Kunt covering fifteen years of their practice, published in conjunction with the exhibition titled Ses-li Harfler | Ses-siz Harfler held on February 20–March 24, 2019 at Dirimart. Looking at their fifteen-year journey to interpret and scrutinize the projections of the artists’ investigations from various perspectives, the book is the most comprehensive publication on Günyol and Kunt to date.
Özlem Günyol and Mustafa Kunt have been living in Frankfurt since 2001. They lead a life dedicated to their practice that evolved into working together soon after their university years. Every puzzle they bring to us is an indication of curiosity, diligence, and elaboration that constitutes that idea of dedication. The volume of the body of work they have produced since 2003 up to now has made this comprehensive publication necessary. Texts by Jörg Heiser, Banu Karaca, and Erden Kosova; and the conversation between Jakob Sturm and Felix Ruhöfer (with Günyol and Kunt eavesdropping and chipping in from time to time), enables us to look at their production from different perspectives and to establish an introduction with them as if we were reading their biography. In the “Works” section of the book, the reader will find an exhaustive compilation of their works from 2003 onwards. The topics that comprise Günyol and Kunt’s oeuvre are geographical and architectural measurements, political symbols, language, residue, and found objects. They are in pursuit of an aesthetic with which they dissemble things, isolate them from their physicality and context, and reorder with an assiduous precision and labor. “These transformations not only take place in the material but also in the meanings of the chosen objects, in fact sometimes very radically. Concepts such as Europe, capital, migration, constitution, equity, belonging/exclusion are transformed and rendered sensible providing different aesthetic experience. And when the aforementioned issues reappear with new structures, we are able to see the opportunities they harbor, and this gives us courage and hope.

English, Turkish
Texts: Jörg Heiser, Banu Karaca, Erden Kosova, Ceren Erdem | Talk: Felix Ruhöfer, Jakob Sturm, Özlem Günyol, Mustafa Kunt
Translation: Ogün Duman, Bilgin Duman, Jeremy Gaines, Çiçek Öztek, Erden Kosova
Book Editor: Çiçek Öztek | Copy-editing: Matt Hanson, Laura Wünsche, Zeynep Yazıcı
Photographs: Stangl AG, Locus Athens, Roland Baege, Between Bridges, Helmut Claus, Nazlı Erdemirel, Flufoto, Aydın Gökay, Barış Gültürk, Işık Kaya, Anette Kradisch, Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt, Anna Luft, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Merkezi, Kunstverein München e.V., Axel Schneider, Uwe Walter, Stephen White, Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft, Cem Yücetaş, Jens Ziehe
Book Design: Vahit Tuna
2019, Istanbul, Dirimart
296 + 32 pages | Four Color, Illustrated, Hardcover
Barcode: 9786055815509

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