Shirin Neshat at Kopenhag Faurschou

Shirin Neshat’s solo exhibition opens on March 20 at the Faurschou Foundation Copenhagen titled Shirin Neshat I Looking for Oum Kulthum which delves deeply into the process of creating an artistic feature-length film by Neshat. As a “film within a film,” Neshat’s Looking for Oum Kulthum renders the journey of an Iranian woman, who is making a film about the most famous singer of the Arab world; the Egyptian singer, Oum Kulthum, often referred to as the Queen of the Arabs. The film was first presented in Venice at the Giornate degli Autori film festival in 2017. Now, with this exhibition visitors are invited to look behind the scenes of the six-year-long film production. The exhibition consists of extensive, historical research on who Oum Kulthum was, including her history, career and personal life.