The Double Lives exhibition that includes works by Hermann Nitsch, focuses at visual artists who make music

The exhibition Double Lives taking place at Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien focuses on visual artists who work with music. The artists and works in the show range from the early twentieth century to the present day beginning with Marcel Duchamp and the futurists, then move on to Yves Klein and Fluxus artists Nam June Paik and Yoko Ono. As the spearhead of the Viennese Actionism movement  Nitsch focuses on scripted performance art often involving  bodily functions and fluids with theatrical works that include “shouting choirs” and Gregorian chants. Organ Composition in Four Acts was composed in 2013 and performed in Mumok’s exhibition spaces in October by the artist. The New York Times article on Double Lives exhibition in Mumok, Vienna that explores intersections between two art forms can be read from here.