Karin Kneffel at the Kunsthalle Bremen

Karin Kneffel’s solo exhibition titled Still opens at the Kunsthalle Bremen between June 22–September 29. Complex time and space layers are a long-time problematic for the artist. Although Kneffel takes her sources from real life, in fact her works involve deliberately constructed scenes; oversized fruit arrangements, luxurious interiors, subtle reflections, blending of motifs, various image, and so on, layers she ends up with images taking their inspiration from various art forms, highlighting her ability to both support and annihilate illusions of painting at once. The most extensive presenting Kneffel’s work in a decade, the exhibition is organized by joint efforts of Kunsthalle Bremen and Museum Frieder Burda Baden-Baden. It will be on view in Bremen from June 22 to September 29, then in Baden-Baden, from October 12 to March 8, 2020.