New exhibition of Özlem Günyol-Mustafa Kunt

As part of its artist promotion program, Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft, Berlin annually presents former ars viva award winners at the Art Window. Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt are selected for the 2019 edition of this initiative. In that context, the Kulturkreis hosts the second Berlin solo exhibition of the artist duo, titled The Image Without the Image from June 5. The artists have developed a site-specific work dealing with the political influence of right-wing populist parties on the Internet, a mural titled The Picture Before the Picture (2019). Mr. Bertelli, you are right. The profile still continues (2019), a work first exhibited at Dirimart in March 2019, is also on view at the center of the exhibition space of the Art Window until May 2020.