Fahrelnissa Zeid's works at Musée Soulages, Rodez

Fahrelnissa Zeid’s work will be exhibited at Musée Soulages, Rodez in the context of Femmes années 50. Au fil de l’abstraction, peinture et sculpture exhibition that takes place on December 14, 2019–May 10, 2020. During the 1950s Zeid was involved in abstract art discussions in France where her identity as a modern painter had developed. As an active participant in these debates, she was invited to Salon de Nouvelles Realités which flourished in post-war Paris. Fahrelnissa Zeid’s abstract compositions are exhibited with works by leading female artists of that era such as Sonia Delaunay and Sophie Taeuber-Arp along with internationally acclaimed artists including Joan Mitchell, Shirley Jaffe, and Judith Reigl.