News From Nasan Tur

Nasan Tur is exhibited at the Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst in a group show titled What is the proper way to display a flag?, curated by Ingo Clauß, with his work Once Upon a Time (2011). The exhibition focuses on international positions from an international context, by means of contemporary artistic production, to reflect upon the significance, impact and utilization of flags. Opening on November 19, 2022, the exhibition can be visited until April 23, 2023.

Tur also participates in the group show titled Utopie Heimat at Villingen-Schwenningen with his work titled Deutschland (2019). At the center of the installation is a barrel organ, a common musical instrument of the Central European culture. It plays automatically at regular intervals the melody of the German national anthem, but slowed down to such an extent that it appears distorted. As a cultural feature, national anthems serve an identity-forming sense of community, but at the same time, terms such as “nation” and “national” have an exclusionary character. The exhibition runs through October 16–November 20.