Komet (Gürkan Çoşkun, born 1941, Çorum) worked in the studios of Halil Dikmen and Zeki Faik at the State Academy of Fine Arts between 1960-67. He went to Paris in 1971 with a state scholarship. Vincent University Department of Arts Publiques and worked with Singier at Beaux Arts. Since 1974, he has worked in Turkey and Paris, including Galeri Maçka, Galerie Hilger (Vienna), Vienna Museum of Modern Art, Lausanne Canton Museum, Paris Museum of Modern Arts, He held solo exhibitions at Galerie Jean Briance (Paris), Galerie Artist (Berlin).

Komet transfers the dreams of his own world onto his paintings, poetry is always in the foreground and original works emerge; It depicts stories about love and death, hopes and extinction. In plays that leave the definitions of time-space open, identities hidden by masks, and fantasy fictions, the stage designs and the fiction of the play are full of fantastic elements as much as the story. Another method that appears in comet paintings is the period known as the “Panic Group”; In this way, it closely follows and exhibits the perception and practice of fantastic theater and cinema.