Mother, Revolt!
26 May 2021–18 July 2021 | Dirimart

Jennifer İpekel

Mother, Revolt! explores and plays with the powers of animism and asks
“how Earth would dream of us?”
“The alchemy of emotions,” the complex psychology that defines the individual and
philosophy of creation intertwines. As we walk through the inner world of
the individual, we walk through the depth of the universe.
The relationship between human and nature is deep-rooted in history.
Our body is our temple. We walk, sleep, fly, and migrate.
In our journey between birth and death, we recall our roots through the power of soil. To feel the metamorphosis of life we should first replace ourselves with Earth.
Mother teaches us a new language in communication with Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and
Space. We shred our old habits that are pieces of a broken order.
Mother’s revolt is a “collective” revolt.
She will open cracks in order, wanting us to move beyond ourselves. We will start to breath with the imprints of plants that are stamped to our breath.
Mother’s scream wakes us from our sleep and animates our roots deep in soil, erased from our memories.
She will first silence us and then remind us how to truly speak.

-Jennifer İpekel


Dirimart is pleased to present the new body of work of Jennifer İpekel. Intensely colored and intricately ornamented paintings and accompanying ceramic works bridge reality with the ethereal, the sacred, and the profane. Mother, Revolt! is rooted in Earth, a calling to the sleeping souls to listen to its radiating sounds, with animism in mind, it asks the question how the Earth imagines us.

İpekel’s recent paintings are full of references to sensual and archeological themes, wandering around in landscape and mythology. And the ceramics, aligning with how objects have had a place in history for worship during difficult times, play on ideas of animism. These works show how the artist’s formal inventiveness and experimentation have developed into a distinctive iconography, drawing on plant life and psyche, rock culture, spirituality, folklore, and the natural world.

Restless, self-questioning, ambitious for the voice of painting in contemporary culture, İpekel consistently sets herself new challenges. Evolving from an experiment where she wholeheartedly seeks ways to communicate with plants; the series carries traces of plant-based dyes, linoleum print of flora and symbols of cultures that have long turned to plants. Electric, dazzling images packed with sexual and physical references of psychedelic culture give way to mythical and more elegiac subjects which grow from her own personal experience of love and the warmth and colors of the Earth.

The paintings are based on observation: representations of herself and others, in front of a mirror, looking out, watchful. The figures have a faltering air, like actors on a stage without a script. SeedingWildernessStudy for Eternity and Spring are guided by the ceramics; the formative sculptural manifestations that have names such as Transit or the Cocoon.

A roadmap unfolds, the movement begins, one step at a time. Charge Foot, Sock and Wild Dagga are characters from İpekel’s wild imagination that lead the way. An installation inspired by the settlements in Çatalhöyük goes to the core of how the idea of home came to be in the mind of humans. The connection to Earth by way of words and clay is uncanny and elemental for its survival. The depths of İpekel’s thinking are manifested in all the works and held together in their novelty.


2020, pigment and linocut on paper
2020, pigment and linocut on paper
2021, ceramics
Charge Foot