Bernard Frize
20 March 2018–29 April 2018 | Dirimart

Bernard Frize
Bernard Frize

Bernard Frize occupies a unique position in abstract painting, due to the austerity of his artistic ideas paired with a freedom of implementation. He loves paradoxes. “In order to chance to work, you have to create conditions that make chance possible, one of which is having a lot of time. It is a rather complex thing to arrange situations in which you do nothing and things happen by themselves,” he says. Color is another paradox for it does “not particularly interest” him, despite its being a vital raw material for his work. By using color in a nonhierarchical, experimental, technical-mechanical manner, Frize lends his works a certain dynamic through contradictions. Concentrating on the process of production of the painting rather than the elements like color, composition, and symbols offer a nice challenge to the viewer: the challenge of seeing/hearing the “pictorial score.”

2017, acyrlic and resin on canvas, 180 x 180 cm
2017, acrylic and resin on canvas
2017, acyrlic and resin on canvas, 102 x 146 cm
2017, acyrilic and resin on canvas, 180 x 150 cm