The Dharma of All Things
23 September 2016–23 October 2016 | Dirimart

Akakçe’s new work explores the concept of dharma, or the cosmic order, through the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds, and in particular how our rapidly evolving society interacts with these realms. Channeling the effervescence of dream states as gatekeepers to the subconscious, Akakçe creates work that speaks to the core of human existence.

The Dharma of All Things marks a point of departure on the surface of the paintings. Instead of using X-Acto knife to define shapes, Akakçe is using a brush, thus giving the outlines an unprecedented depth and movement marked by the visible texture of each stroke. The whirling flow in Akakçe’s new work has been evident in all of his earlier video works where movement includes whirling, spinning and rolling; the artist projects these into a completely spiritual realm, where the laws of time, distance and nature as we know they do not exist. This spinning also relates to the dance of whirling dervishes, a Sufi tradition of meditation as espoused by Rumi.

2016, acrylic on canvas, 203 x 183 cm
The Guide
2016, acrylic on canvas, 203 x 183 cm
The Grasshoper and the Butterfly
2016, acrylic on canvas, 203 x 183 cm
The Dervish
2016, acrylic on canvas, 203 x 183 cm
2016, video with color with sound P4 led screen, 128 x 230 cm
Moonlight Serenade