Darren Almond
Darren Almond
14 May 2015–06 June 2015 | Dirimart Nişantaşı

Darren Almond

“I’m fascinated by the idea that whenever anything seems too far away we turn to numbers. We’ll say: a million, billion, trillion, but we can’t really grasp the actual scale of them. I’m naturally drawn to numbers… I love the abstract quality of maths and the idea that within the abstract realm everything needs to be in balance. You need to have nothing otherwise you can’t have anything.”

Almond’s interest in mathematical systems, technical precision and manual intervention reside in his “Magnified System Drawings.” These square, abstract drawings on black paper are formed by single tiny dots placed on a precise grid, resembling galaxies or constellation charts. Painted in red, orange, yellow, blue and white acrylic paint each one refers to the various colours of individual stars. Almond’s continuous occupation with the limits of space and the transience of time are evident in these new drawings, which focus on the insignificance of the human being within the universe and our centuries-long fascination with the sublime infinity of space. Meanwhile, this theme continues through works from Almond’s new series of eloquent abstract paintings. Horizontally divided numbers made up of thick impasto layers of acrylic paint with monochromatic solid back grounds are arranged into a potential infinitude of numeric combinations. Their reading functions like automatic writing, each work built up from individual panels constructed sometimes by chance and instinctive, Almond’s configurations remind us of how confusing arrays of numbers, from financial systems to the human genome to the positions of the stars, underscore every aspect of our lives. Almond merges this duality of endless finitude in his show and presents the audience different aspects of our contemporary perceptions.

2011, C-Print, 154,5 x 121 cm
Civil Dawn @Giverny
2007, C-Print, 126 x 126 cm
Fullmoon @Yesnaby
2011, C-Print, 121,2 x 121,2 cm
Fullmoon @Horseshoe Bend