Dirimart Presents VII: Still Life
09 June 2020–29 July 2020 | Dirimart


Dirimart Presents VII: Still Life looks back at the seasons from when Dirimart opened its new gallery space in Dolapdere district in May 2016, and brings together select works from twenty two artists of its roster.

Novelty and speed having such prestige today, we are bombarded with images that redefine our understanding of beauty on a daily basis. Thus and so we are more than ever dependent on artists to open our eyes with their unique and unusual receptivity to aspects of visual experience. As a genre still life has shown even the simplest things may have beauty. During a time when the world held still due to precautions against a pandemic, our conception of beauty and time has been challenged. The exhibition concentrates on how the select artists have found beauty in their novel ways.

Still life is subjected to be reviewed as not in its traditional form but primarily for what it has accomplished for the history of art. Still life as a genre actively recognized the fundamental social and political issues of its time and addressed it under the disguise of ordinary objects. In the present day, the intellect has become increasingly central to how a work of art takes form. The exhibition inquires at how artists applied the strategies of making traditional still life; simultaneously suggesting and recalling that beauty is something to be found, rather than passively encountered, it requires us to pick up on certain details.

During the run of the exhibition, a series of descriptive shorts will be released explaining the works and their connection to the exhibition. Still Life is organized by Senem Özgören and Levent Özmen, artist liaisons at Dirimart.

June, 2016, 2016, household gloss on canvas, 90 x 90 cm
Sarah Morris
Walk, 2017, mixed media, 100 x 105 cm
Franz Ackermann
40 Warm Sights, 2017, acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 203.5 x 203.5 cm
Hayal Pozantı