Wet Light
05 January 2023–29 January 2023 | Dirimart

Ebru Uygun

Dirimart is pleased to announce Ebru Uygun’s solo exhibition titled Wet Light. Ebru Uygun, who composes the subject of her painting by questioning the components of the painting itself, meets the audience with her latest works where this time round she carries the focus of her practice beyond the surface of the canvas. The infolding gestures of her early works where the canvas unravels to cover the canvas are replaced in her new pieces with an outward movement that detaches the context from a conceptual plane and renders it visible. With a movement that trips up our expectation of a panoramic view, in Wet Light, Ebru Uygun reconstructs our perception of space and brings together works where the light is present not as a signifier but as an element of the painting.

The paintings on display go through processes such as accumulation, deposition, fragmentation, deformation, fracture, recuperation, and transformation within themselves and crack the door open for a transition from one state to another and perhaps for the possibilities of completely unexpected references. Materials like cement, plaster, tile, and glue meet with pigments and create their own “clots” inside the canvas cloth. By relieving these accumulating, petrified topographies from the horizontal plane, Ebru Uygun plays with the orientation of the ground. Much like the mind finds a way to drift itself to familiar imagery, this shift of the ground convinces us that we are looking at fragments of a landscape. Uygun’s surface landscapes that belong to no time or space are like reflections of bodily movements that hit the surface and freeze, that lie fallow and transform. Starting from the initial touch of the artist to the canvas and taking their final shape with the guidance of the material, Uygun’s paintings offer the viewer the opportunity to create their own landscape with each glance.

2022, mixed media on canvas, 200 x 140 cm
Light – Time 3
2022, mixed media on canvas, 160 x 140 cm
Shadow Ground
2022, mixed media on canvas, 190 x 135 cm
Lost Time
2022, mixed media on canvas, 238 x 331 cm
Black Roses of Halfeti