Group Exhibition
09 March 2015–09 April 2015 | Dirimart

Exhibition bring together Franz Ackermann’s journeys through the edges of the world map, Darren Almond’s landscape photos taken with the moonlight, Ghada Amer’s gaze through the insides of the womanhood, Thomas Bayrle’s bodies that he transformed into patterns as if he is  making the organic structures putrefy with repetition, Sabine Boehl’s figurified tales that appear in her texture bedecked with beads, Marc Francis’ myths that are hidden in his microcosmos, Katharina Grosse’s colours that are spreading by leaking from the toile, Sarah Morris’ form research that both crowns and turns out the geometry, Ebru Uygun’s structures that she has made by spoiling the canvas, and finally, Ekrem Yalçındağ’s colourful impressions that he exposes as patterns.