Hermann Nitsch
13 February 2014–08 March 2014 | Dirimart Nişantaşı

Nitsch continues to uphold a modern art ritual whose religious ceremony-like actions mostly known as Origien Mysterien Theater which is developed by him during his student years. Nitsch blesses the body in the context of blood, nakedness and violence while also introducing a critical approach to modernist body policies. He transfers the basic human violence to all senses while pioneering leading contemporary art media like performance art and happenings by using themes like animalism and gender issues.

The ritual-like performances of the artist createa tangible, visible, hearable, smelling reality that encompasses all the aspects of the center (the body) as well as the peripheral (the viewer and the stage), and which is far removed from the “as if ” effect of the traditional drama. His works that are created as a result of his Painting Actions, also create a brand new stage where all the colors and their mental images exist together in the viewers mind.