In Any Case
28 February 2013–30 March 2013 | Dirimart Nişantaşı

Özcan Kaplan gives the central place in his art to the actual process of painting and he does not define any limit for the subject of the exhibition. The artist emphasises that painting is, besides being the reference for everything, is the life itself as it has become the most important phenomenon that promises a future. The artist believes that making art is not a kind of translation; on the contrary, it is creating an experience without any concern for giving prescriptions for problems or presenting life styles. He is focused on the process more than the result and he stresses the existence of self-questioning, starting again, unknowing and the recurrence of chance. Kaplan brings spontaneity and contrasting elements together with the colours he uses and his brush style. The artist says that in order to understand these works, one has to focus to the process. He creates curiosity by his harsh but serene style which is the result of placing many layers upon each other and by moving the lines on this coloured background. The last layer combines with the other layers which are moved by his personal colour twists and brush strokes, and then it mutates. According to Kaplan, this is the point that nothing can not be added and changed. In order to achieve a conceptual dimension in his work, the artist focuses on the difference between the thing that the viewer sees and knows. His paintings have no concern to include a contemporary content and they just include a specific structure with its layering and time transitions. This is how they become a symbol for meta-reality.