Immersive Integral
21 December 2018–10 February 2019 | Dirimart

Jorinde Voigt

Dirimart is pleased to host the first solo exhibition of Jorinde Voigt in Turkey. A selection of latest works of the artist from the Immersive Integral series and works specially created for the current exhibition are on view.

Jorinde Voigt visualizes thoughts, real experiences, sensual impressions, conceptual texts, and music within a graphic system that she constructed. Having philosophy, literature, and music education before her artistic career, Voigt focuses on inner dynamics of perception. Constantly developing her system that comprises various techniques and materials, she scrutinizes elaborate structure and dynamism of perception. Performative acts and techniques pushing the limits of bodily movements while creating her works point to her multi-layered mindset. Pastel, ink, gold leaf strata coming one after another, repeating, intertwining, form an integral whole with Voigt’s texts. The artist gives a shape to the conveyed reality, abstracting, reinterpreting it. Works emerging as the result of that transformative process point to people’s ways of perception of visual inputs. She draws schematics of fictional and real things with lines following certain algorithms of her making. Voigt describes her artistic practice as follows: “In a way, my work is like science: I try to make things visible that used to be invisible. It is all about rethinking situations and concepts while illustrating them with my own hands. My art not only manifests in the results, but also in the actual process of creation.”

In her Immersive Integral series Voigt focuses on the concept of perception. She creates various forms to understand the inner structure of archetypal images existing beyond the visual, and ways of experiencing and collective sharing of those images. The term immersion is closely associated with absorption, such as being absorbed in thoughts, complete submersion in water, focusing on the culture and thinking system pertaining a language while learning it. In addition to that, immersion recalls some experiences that are impossible to be expressed linguistically such as bodily experiences. With the immersion of the paper to the paint each work triggers a series of acts. Voigt visualizes perception and absorption process by applying certain formulas to archaic, topographic, geometric shapes at the core of her paintings. In her works manifesting the experiences of perception and absorption within a comprehensive reality, borders between inside and outside, subject and object disappear.

2018, india ink, gold leaf, pastel, oil chalks, graphite on paper
Immersive Integral III
2018, india ink, gold leaf, pastel, oil chalks, graphite on paper, 219,4 x 141 cm
Immersive Integral Xenith XIX (detail)
2018, india ink, liquid watercolor, gold leaf, pastel, oil chalks, graphite on paper, 139,5 x 99,5 cm (each)
Immersive Integral Radiance Triptychon III