Kino der Kunst
Kino der Kunst
20 June 2018–29 July 2018 | Dirimart

Curator: Heinz Peter Schwerfel


June 20–July 1    AES+F, Inverso Mundus (2015)

July 3-11              Oliver Pietsch, Tales of Us (2014)

July 12-18            Clare Langan, The Human Flock (2017)

Lola Gonzàlez,    Summer Camp (2015)

July 19-29            Yael Bartana, Inferno (2013)


Moving images seem to be the most popular art form of today. This is why KINO DER KUNST, a unique mixture of art exhibition and film festival, is designed to be a showcase for the ongoing dialogue between contemporary art and cinema. New long and short fiction films by artists from all over the world are presented in museums and cinemas all over Munich. No experimental films, no documentaries: the program focuses on works taking narration beyond conventional limits.

For its first international stop, the biyearly film festival KINO DER KUNST, founded in 2013, has made an exclusive selection of highlights of the two last editions to be presented in Turkish premiere at Dirimart Dolapdere. Spectacular films by celebrated contemporary artists illustrate how artists use fiction films on a high technical level to describe and analyze the political, social, and cultural mysteries of today’s world.

2013, single channel film installation
Yael Bartana, Inferno
2015, single channel film installation
AES+F, Inverso Mundus
2015, single channel film installation
Clare Langan, The Human Flock