Peter Zimmermann
may be may
16 May 2017–02 July 2017 | Dirimart Nişantaşı

Peter Zimmermann
Peter Zimmermann

may be may takes the ambiguity of concepts that people have created over time as a point of reference. Through bringing together different compositions from different series and from various points in his practice since 2000, the artist proposes a new perspective for his work.

The emerging of new technologies through digitalization has brought about many changes in the possibilities of artistic production. This development is not only reflected in the emergence of Internet art, or through the media of photography, film, and video, but it also influences the art of painting. Peter Zimmerman is inspired by this digital development and methods of distribution. He has archived images from the Internet or from magazines, books, and catalogs since the 90s, categorizing and organizing them under the rubrics of Architecture, Cover, Sculpture, Typography, Geometry, Ornamentation, TV etc. This grouping presents the artist’s interest areas while giving clues about the deepest, invisible layers of abstract compositions.








2016, epoxy on canvas, 160 x 250 cm
2016, epoxy on canvas, 100 x 200 cm
2005, epoxy on canvas, 160 x 300 cm
2016, epoxy on canvas, 145 x 200 cm