Ode to Passion
18 September 2018–04 November 2018 | Dirimart

Fahrelnissa Zeid

Dirimart is pleased to announce Fahrelnissa Zeid’s solo exhibition. The exhibition brings together works compiled from private collections, some of which were displayed at the retrospective exhibitions held at Tate Modern and Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in 2017. The exhibition organized in cooperation with the collectors in Turkey and artist’s estate, who is represented by the gallery in national and international platforms, exemplifies her oil paintings from different periods of her career spanning over more than forty years. Concurrently with the exhibition, Turkish translation of her biography titled Fahrelnissa Zeid: Painter of Inner Worlds, written by Adila Laidi-Hanieh, is published by RES Publications.

The exhibition includes works between 1940–80: figurative compositions from her early period, reminiscent of miniature paintings; geometrical and lyrical abstractionist works from her maturity period; portraits focusing on psychological narration from her late period.

1980, oil on canvas, 210 × 116 cm, The Raad Zeid Al-Hussein Collection
Someone from the Past (Self-portrait)
1943, oil on plywood, 125 x 205 cm, Ela Sefer Collection
Three Ways of Living (War)
1944, oil on plywood, 125 x 209 cm, Raad Zeid Al-Hussein Collection
Three Moments in a Day and Life
1950/1 (originally dated 1962), oil on canvas, 210 x 540 cm, Yıldırım Family Collection
Break of the Atom and Vegetal Life
1950s, oil on canvas, 225 x 187 cm
1964, oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm, private collection
1948, oil on canvas, 80 x70 cm (framed)
Otomatik taslak