Ritmo Zeytino X Dirimart
08 July 2021–18 September 2021 | Dirimart


Dirimart is excited to announce its first appearance in Bodrum Yalıkavak with an exceptional program. Located on top of a hill covered by olive trees, between a residence for artists and numerous studios built in the 90s in tune with the architectural style of the period and in accordance with its natural surroundings, Ritmo Zeytino invites Dirimart.

The gastronomy project Ritmo Zeytino, opening its doors to visitors three times a week, with a new menu each week, designed based on a farm-to-table concept, accompanied by a special selection of music, presents a unique experience. Dirimart organizes five presentations conceived in harmony with the spirit and rhythm of this special space, to be exhibited each for two weeks, July 8–September 18. Exhibitions will be on view on Thursday, Friday, Saturday 17:00–22:00.

Berke Yazıcıoğlu’s series of 11 tapestries is a visual reinterpretation of each episode in Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. The story told by the ballet of Rite of Spring that inspired him is a pagan rite from ancient Russia that celebrates the passage from winter to spring. The colors and objects that form his compositions are marked by the history and the philosophy of music to which Stravinsky’s ballet once belonged. Stravinsky’s atonal music, by its rhythms and structures, forms an important part of Yazıcıoğlu’s present works. The artist begins with the graphic design and he wants his works to be processed as weaving. The production of his tapestries are made by a textile company in London, founded in the 17th century. Yazicioglu resembles the weaving process to a gigantic orchestra. The intricate and delicate weaving requires instruments, machinery and craftsman which functions with complexity and difficulty.