Failing Sharazad
08 September 2009–25 October 2009 | Dirimart Nişantaşı

Ghada Amer, stating “every woman should love her body and use it as a tool for seduction”, questions the fundamental notions of Western and Eastern cultures, dealing from a feminist viewpoint with woman as her theme under titles such as love, sex, and passion.

The works by Ghada Amer who works with embroidery on stretched canvas, look like darkly painted block oil leaking down when observed from a distance but fine embroidery reveals itself upon close examination; every small detail supports a message in the whole.

Usually defining the women she portrays as emotional and provocative, Ghada Amer glorifies the female form and opposes every system that restricts the woman’s independence over her body.

2008, acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 127 x 152.4 cm
The Pink Wig
2009, acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas, 167.6 x 200.7 cm
2009, watercolour on paper, 29.8 x 22.9 cm
2009, watercolour on paper, 33 x 43.2 cm
2009, watercolour on paper, 37.8 x 25.4 cm