02 February 2023–26 February 2023 | Dirimart

Peter Zimmermann

Dirimart is pleased to announce Peter Zimmermann’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery featuring his latest works. In this exhibition, Zimmermann focuses on the virtual algorithms applied on canvas through his unique technique. 

Zimmermann became interested in digitization and its processes of representation in 1990’s. There are no “errors” here. For the artist, this meant that in the digital generation of images, the images are completely  “emptied” and still deliver visible results. By making themselves the pictorial object as programming they become “true”. The result of this realization are colorful epoxy resin images made from digital templates, such as photographs, film stills or diagrams, which he deconstructs and alienates by means of graphic algorithms, and transfers to the canvas in numerous transparent layers.

Since 2014, Zimmermann has been pursuing this method with the help of an algorithm, a “Van Gogh Key” as it were, which displays image files in an impressionistic stitch formation and transfers the resulting motifs into oil painting. This is irritating as it gives the impression that (oil) painting has found its way back to itself after the detour via the leveling of all factors of art and author by the computer.

In the current exhibition at Dirimart he combines new epoxy resin paintings with sticker formations. On display here is his artificial examination of how intensively algorithms influence our thinking and behavior and shape our understanding of reality and perception.