Surprise Witness
17 October 2002–10 November 2002 | Dirimart

Necmi Zekâ

Suprise Witness

As a response to the what-are-you-talking-about-look, we have to ask back: Exactly what kind of homework did they give you? Some students forget their homework, so, we should perhaps be asking: Did they give you any homework?..

It is as if we were deceived, we do not know by whom, yet we seem not to have forgotten anything. If there is no from but just the habit of seeing froms, if there is no scene but just our habıt of making a scebe, what we really ought to do is to undertake a thorough review of all supposedly functional languages. Even, to eliminate them, if necessary… In order to enable the forms to go through a new experience, we have to choose between either total verbosity orv total silence. We have to look for an ultimate point whic would reconcile amazingly long queues in front of the movie theatres with the strangeness of spotless haaven. Obviously, that ultimate point will not be found in our living rooms.

What if, contrary to common knowledge, no one is an angel?.. What if, as common knowledge suggests, the Renaissance is just a boom of consumerism?.. Yes, indeed, we have a problem with those who bow their heads. We have a wonderful excuse, which is, ‘’unpredictability is impossible since no margin of error exists any more.’’

We know that those who can foresee the effect of their woeds do get silent more quickly. We know that those who can guess the price of silence do talk more excessively. We say we are fed up with searching the truth in ourselves. We all go qaround the same circle. All narrative protocols are being violated one by one. A Mouse passes by and creates a path, as far as we can see.

Is not painting a smile, more or less, to both merciless destruction and gradual burning out..? Painting does include daring to raise objections little by little. Painting does include standing up against stammering in one way or many others. That is not a bad thing, after all.

Klee says. ’’As if I were pregnant with things needing from, and dead sure of a miscarriage.’’

Komet says: ‘’Objectivity dissolves/…/Even though there is a cutting instrument in its heart.’’ (Then one night he adds: ‘’ Paper is durable, yet it can easily get soiled. That is of course my opinion)

Kitaj says: ’’…drawing is a testing of ideas: a slow-motion version of thought.’’

And a painting says: ‘’ Good day, Mr. Courbet.’’

Alternatively, from now on, good night, Mr. Courbet.

Nemi Zekâ