Wang Qingsong
One World, One Dream
18 February 2016–12 March 2016 | Dirimart Nişantaşı

Wang Qingsong
Wang Qingsong

One World, One Dream includes 8 works curated by the artist himself which allude to the vague boundary between the worldly and the immaterial. The exhibition takes its title from the diptych work by the artist, which itself refers to the motto for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. The work shows a giant blackboard on which logos of Fortune 500 companies and top universities of the world are drawn with colorful chalk. The artist centers this work on corporatization and questions the place of the individual among all this. The photography of Wang Qingsong addresses many of the contradictory issues present in contemporary China. Often humorous yet always highly theatrical and political, Qingsong’s body of work captures problems regarding consumption, religion, and politics that result from the ongoing transformation in the country since the Cultural Revolution. The artist stages elaborate productions to realize his large-scale photographs, which perspicaciously blur the lines of dark fiction and reality. Many of Qingsong’s works appear highly fictional; while it took an entire month and 20 people to produce Goddess (2011), in his work Temple (2011) there is an abundance of figures that is perfectly and meticulously constructed. The artist’s elaborations emerge as a spectacle that presents itself as reality, reflecting the overwhelming changes China has been undergoing between the worldly and the spiritual.

2014, C-Print, 180 x 225 cm
One World One Dream
2011, C-Print, 180 x 300 cm
2009, C-Print, 150 x 300 cm
Safe Milk