Güçlü Öztekin
Topsy-Turvy! Selpakla Gorili Bitirdim!
12 December 2017–21 January 2018 | Dirimart

Güçlü Öztekin
Güçlü Öztekin

His latest works on craft paper will meet the audience at the artist’s first exhibition at Dirimart Dolapdere. A comprehensive artist book covering Öztekin’s production since 2009 will accompany the exhibition. The one-time performance of guguou&video collective, of which the artist is a member, takes place on the third floor of the gallery building at the opening night with surprise guests.

Güçlü Öztekin uses found objects as raw material and describes his paintings as a kind of recycling. He refuses stereotypes; instead of explaining his production process, it’s enough for him to say they are plain and simple. His artistic practice can be seen as a realm where the division between art and life disappears, a practice as an extension of daily life, beyond descriptions. “I do not work to paint, I do work to make space work. “Space creates the painting,” he says. According to him, his paintings are very clear, simple, corporal, and ordinary.


2017, acrylic on craft paper, 203 x 202 cm
2016, acrylic on craft paper, 199 x 151 cm
2017, mixed media on craft paper, 198 x 210.5 cm
Hand of the Fortune
2016, acrylic on craft paper, 220 x 151 cm
Reverse Woman
2017, acrylic on craft paper, 234 x 200 cm
Poker Face