Vik Muniz
02 February 2018–11 March 2018 | Dirimart

Vik Muniz

The exhibition brings together works from his internationally acknowledged Metachrome, Pictures of Magazine, Postcards from Nowhere, and Repro series.

Having grown interest in the photographic representations of his sculptural works in early steps of his career, Brazilian artist Vik Muniz eventually focuses mainly on photography. Indeed the artist believes that the consumption of images, and communicating through them create a tension between the object and its photographic representation, and make interaction with the image complicated for individuals.

Muniz incorporates the use of familiar objects harvested from the various periods of pop culture and art history, in his practice to create bold, ironic and often deceiving imagery. His practice reflects two main characteristics of postmodern photography: appropriation and material based setup. Taking familiar images as a reference point, the artist manipulates the way we perceive the image by recreating them in unusual ways. Muniz reinterprets the images with the repetition of humorous and sometimes distressing units such as caviar, chocolate syrup, diamonds, dry pigment, dust, garbage, magazine shreds, paper hole-punches, sugar, thread, and toys.


2012, digital C-print, 130 x 100 cm
Pictures of Magazine 2: Female Model Standing Before a Mirror, after C.W. Eckersberg
2017, digital C-print, 180 x 266.5 cm
Postcards from Nowhere: Istanbul
2016, archival pigment print, 210 x 160 cm
Metachrome: Field of Flowers, after Egon Schiele
2016, archival pigment print, 160 x 180 cm
Metachrome: Still Life with Begonias, after Paul Cézanne
2013, digital C-print, 100 x 125 cm
Pictures of Magazine 2: Origin of the World, after Courbet