Yüksel Arslan
03 January 2014–01 February 2014 | Dirimart

Yüksel Arslan

Living and working in Paris since 1962, Arslan uses easily available, natural dyes like roots, dirt, egg yolk, honey, and urea instead of regular paint. “Arture,” the combination of the words “art” and the French suffix “-ure” that is nearly completely associated with the artist himself nowadays, represents a medium, just like painting, miniature, and sculpture. Arslan works do not shy of referencing various periods and they’ve slowly turned into series which are documenting the personal development of the artist. They also deal with such different artists as Artaud, Bach, Baudelaire, Beckett and many more. Arslan also especially relates to family memories and emphasizes various biographical case studies. The imagery he depicts easily penetrates the subconscious of the observer, and gaining strength from the material he uses, takes them on a journey across various periods.

1998, mixed media on canvas, 34 x 38 cm
Arture 512, L’Homme 153, Tsimihety’s
1998, mixed media on paper, 27 x 33 cm
Arture 514, L’Homme 155, Schizophrenies
Otomatik taslak