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Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s films, in which long takes and unusual viewpoints are used, betray the desire of the stillness and the shadows of playing the lead role. The commitment of his photographs to a profound imagination can be seen as the clue to success of his films. The photographs, which are identical to film frames and standing by themselves appear as pure compositions, transform elegy to elegance.
This trilingual book published by Dirimart and printed using the K-Bind technique, opens up completely flat, allowing imagery to flow undisturbed across a double-page spread. It begins with a vivid excerpt from the screenplay of Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s movie Small Town (1997). With minimal accompanying text, the book’s multilayered story is told through photographs alone. The book contains 100 panoramic photographs taken by Ceylan in various regions of rural Anatolia between 2003–2014.

Turkish, English, French
Editor: Alpagut Gültekin
Translation: Ahmet Deniz, Burcu Fikretoğlu
Design: Bülent Erkmen
2014, Istanbul, Dirimart
100 pages | Four Color Photography Album, Hardcover
Barcode: 9786055815332

This item is being reprinted and is expected to be available for purchase in 2020.

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Dimensions 27.7 × 23.7 cm

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