Come On!



This artist book was published in conjunction with the exhibition titled Come On! by Franz Ackermann held at the Dirimart Dolapdere on September 14–October 15, 2017. This is a “kind of a sketchbook” of the artist accompanied by an essay by Carmela Thiele and a glossary providing hints towards understanding his oeuvre.
Franz Ackermann generates lively paintings and installations that disclose different aspects of tourism, based on themes like globalization and urban life, inspired by his backpack travels around the world’s megacities. With his first major series Mental Maps he created watercolor paintings that combine the street maps’ sensitivity to reflect the truth and his own interpretation of the cities he has been to. Franz Ackermann designed large-scale dynamic installations using components, such as paintings, photographs, wall drawings, sculptures, and structures resembling advertising panels. Although travel and documentation thereof play a central role in the artist’s work, painting remains as the most important medium for him; using murals and installations, he escalates its suggestive power to the absolute limit. How potent his continually expanding cosmos –consisting of action (travel), reflection (internalized theory), and painting– still, after twenty years of work, is manifest in his newest paintings taken into this artist book.

English, Turkish
Text: Carmela Thiele
Translation: Zoë Claire Miller, Müjde Bilgütay
Proofreading: Ceren Erdem
Photographs: Jens Ziehe, Heinz Pelz
Design: Antonia Neubacher, Franz Ackermann
2017, Istanbul, Dirimart
143 pages | Four Color, Illustrated, Paperback
Barcode: 9786055815455

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Dimensions 26.8 × 19.6 cm

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