Hermann Nitsch



This catalogue was published for the paint action of Hermann Nitsch organized by Dirimart at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair on November 7–10, 2013 and the Herman Nitsch exhibition held at Dirimart Nişantaşı on February 13–March 8, 2014.
The catalogue presents his works that came out of his paint action at the 2013 Contemporary Istanbul together with his paintings from 1999 to 2013, accompanied by two texts by the artist. In his words: “The painter submits itself to a dramatic painting process. In my theater, this ecstasy of the painting process leaves the canvas surface, the real event takes its place instead… Blood and flesh is being used instead of color. My arguments of the painting are sorted in painting actions and numbered. From 7 to 10 November 2013, I had the 66th painting performance in Istanbul. It was interesting for me to demonstrate my work in a country largely covered by Islamic culture. I was amazed that my work is understood and a different religion issue did not stand in its way… I believe that the confrontation of the Orient with the Vienna Art is very important. At the time of Jugendstil, a similar attempt has been carried out there by Klimt. I think it’s very good to expand such artistic relationships here.”

English, Turkish
Text: Herman Nitsch
Translation: Sabri Gürses
Proofreading: Burcu Fikretoğlu, Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu
Photography: Daniel Heyerl
Design: Atelier Neşe Nogay
2013, Istanbul, Dirimart
90 pages | Four Color, Illustrated, Hardcover
Barcode: 9786055815363

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