Next of Kin & Chrome




This catalogue was published for the exhibition titled Next of Kin by Peter Zimmermann on March 26–April 25, 2010 and the exhibition titled Chrome between April 4–May 6, 2013. The catalogue features a text by Joe Houston together with works exhibited in two exhibitions.
Peter Zimmermann’s paintings reinterpret the traditional art of painting in relation to modernism and Color Field Movement. The working process of the artist begins with gathering the visuals collected by the artist physically or by scanning, and then evolves with deforming these visuals at computer. The images that become unrecognizable are transferred on canvas and given a new form by means of colorful resin poured on them. It can be said that these compositions of Zimmermann, famous for the use of epoxy for more than twenty years, in a kind of alchemical interaction, are the products of his talent for perceiving color and light.

English, Turkish
Text: Joe Houston
Translation: Niyazi Zorlu
Proofreading: Burcu Fikretoğlu, Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu
Design: Atelier Neşe Nogay
2013, Istanbul, Dirimart
118 pages | Four Color, Illustrated, Hardcover
Barcode: 9786055815356

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