Jiri Georg Dokoupil


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The artist book of Jirí Dokoupil includes images of over 200 works from the artist’s production covering 1980–2017 and texts by Reiner Opoku, Luca Marenzi, Julian Schnabel, and a memoir of his mother Magda Dokoupilova. The book presents three decades of Dokoupil in three sections: Behold, I have become a painter! (1980–1989); A new beginning, but how? (1989–2000) and Suddenly becoming academic (2000–2017).

English | Category: Painting, Conceptual Art
Texts: Reiner Opoku, Luca Marenzi, Julian Schnabel, Magda Dokoupilova
Editor: Eva Vanzella
Proofreading: Emanuela Chiesa, Viviana Crova, Carolina Piazza
Design: Luigi Fiore
2018, Milan, Skira Editore
256 pages | Four Colour, Illustrated, Paperback
Barcode: 9788857236155

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