Christopher Page

Christopher Page Fading Light in the Picture Gallery 

Exhibition Catalogue | English, Turkish | Category: Painting 

Text: James Bridle | Translation: Çiçek Öztek

Photographs: Nazlı Erdemirel

Design: Atelier Neşe Nogay, ALEF Editorial Design

2022, Istanbul, Dirimart

p.68 | Four Colour, Illustrated, Hardcover | 33.5×23 cm

ISBN: 978-605-5815-59-2 | Barcode: 9786055815592

Price: 20 EURO / 18 USD


This catalogue wash published within the context of Christopher Page’s first solo exhibition held at Dirimart, titled Fading Light in the Picture Gallery in October 1–30, 2022. The bilingual catalogue features a comprehensive text by James Bridle presenting a wide context for Page’s art delving into roots of modernism and minimalist art and Renaissance perspective, flickering between the fifteenth and the twentieth centuries. The text is accompanied by Nazlı Erdemirel’s photographs of works and installation views.

Fading Light in the Picture Gallery is a layered meditation upon painting, images, and artifice. Page’s illusionistic paintings are not faithful representations of objects from life. They are paintings that represent phenomena implicitly, representations of representations—the sheen in Page’s mirrors is more like a Photoshop effect than any actual reflective surface; the shadows are composed by the artist with the aid of a computer, not observed from the light in his studio. Hence, his work reflects on the mediation of our experience, how the world today feels at one remove from us. How might we locate ourselves in a world that feels so intangible, so unreal? And if we cannot dispense entirely with illusions, how at least might we dream up better ones? With the world beyond our façades becoming ever more tumultuous, the question is a burning one.