Turkey Cinemascope

Photography Album | Turkish, English, French | Category: Fotoğraf

Editor: Alpagut Gültekin

Translation: Ahmet Deniz, Burcu Fikretoğlu

Design: Bülent Erkmen

2014, Dirimart Publications | Kingsbury Press

  1. 100 | Four Colour Photography Album, Hardcover | 27.7×23.8 cm

ISBN: 978-605-5815-33-2 | Barcode: 9786055815332

Price: 135 EURO / 150 USD

This trilingual book published by Dirimart and printed by the revolutionary K-Bind technique introduced by Kingsbury Press, opens completely flat, allowing imagery to flow undisturbed across a double page spread. It begins with a vivid excerpt from the screenplay of Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s movie the Small Town. With minimal accompanying text, the book’s multi-layered story is told through photographs alone. The book contains 100 panoramic photographs taken by Ceylan in various regions of rural Anatolia between 2003-2014.