Two Erasing Principals

Exhibition Catalogue | English, Turkish | Category: Painting, Photography, Exhibition

Texts: Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Dieter Roelstraete

Translation: Sabri Gürses

Proofreading: Cem Akaş

Design: M/M (PARİS)

2014, Istanbul Publications

  1. 42 | Four Colour, Illustrated, Pop-up, Hardcover | 30×23.6 cm

ISBN: 978-605-5815-37-0 | Barcode: 9786055815370

Price: 20 EURO / 25 USD


This catalogue was published within the context of the exhibition titled Two Erasing Principles by Sarah Morris held at the Dirimart Nişantaşı between September 14–October 22, 2011.