Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt Infinite Rhythm 

Exhibition Catalogue | English, Turkish | Category: Painting, Sculpture

Text: Jesi Khadivi, Canan Erbil | Translation: Vanina Kutelas, Çiçek Öztek

Photographs: Nazlı Erdemirel, Amanda Holmes

Design: Atelier Neşe Nogay, ALEF Editorial Design

Proofreading: Matt Hanson, Çiçek Öztek

2022, Istanbul, Dirimart

p. 104 | Four Colour, Illustrated, Hardcover | 33.5×23 cm

ISBN: 978-605-5815-58-5 | Barcode: 9786055815585

Price: 20 EURO / 18 USD


This catalogue was published within the context of Jorinde Voigt’s second solo exhibition held at Dirimart, titled Infinite Rhythm, in September 6–25, 2022. The bilingual catalogue features inspirational texts by Jesi Khadivi and Canan Erbil that capture the sense and rhythm of Voigt’s unique work, together with work and installation views. The presentation includes Voigt’s latest series Rhythm (2022), alongside works from the series The Sum of All Best Practices (2021/22), Fugue (2021), Immersion (2020), Infinite (2020), and Double Infinite (2019).

Voigt’s intuitive and expressive works evolve from rigorous meditative and observational processes that seek to capture the complexity and velocity of her environment, whether through existing natural forms as in The Sum of All Best Practices (2021/22) or through the abstract configurations of her latest series Rhythm. In her Rhythm works, which form the core of her exhibition at Dirimart, Voigt creates lines in three dimensions: slicing, cutting, repositioning, and layering colored paper and existing drawn lines into new configurations. While some compositions appear textured and graphic, others take on delicate shapes that subtly evoke landscapes, blossoms, or elaborate ribbons. The Sum of All Best Practices and Fugue further illustrate Voigt’s current investigations of the space-making qualities of drawing in three-dimensions. These works consider how every form of the present speaks of its own past—and of its survival. Here Voigt creates cutouts of individual leaves found in Berlin parks and brings them together to form topographic assemblages that explore the potentially infinite ways in which a single specific thing can be embedded into a specific complexity. And Immersion takes as its starting point the process of perception itself. In this series, Voigt deals less with exactly what we perceive than how we perceive.