Nasan Tur

Nasan Tur No Surrender / Splinter in My Eye

Exhibition Catalogue | English, German, Turkish | Category: Conceptual Art

Text: Erden Kosova | Translation: Ogün Duman, Çiçek Öztek

Photographs: Nazlı Erdemirel, Nasan Tur

Design: Atelier Neşe Nogay

Book Layout: ALEF Editorial Design

Proofreading: Matt Hanson, Çiçek Öztek

2022, Istanbul, Dirimart

p.144 | Four Colour, Illustrated, Hardcover | 33.5×23 cm

ISBN: 978-605-5815-56-1 | Barkod: 9786055815561

Price: 20 EURO / 18 USD


This catalogue was published within the context of the exhibition titled No Surrender by Nasan Tur held at Dirimart in 17 December 2021–16 January 2022. The catalogue, including the former solo exhibition of Tur in Turkey in 2017, Splinter in My Eye, is accompanied by a text by Erden Kosova that focuses on two decades of his art in relation with these two exhibitions. The reader will have the opportunity to visit the exhibitions once again on the pages of the trilingual catalogue in Turkish-English-German, which reflects the atmospheres of the two exhibitions thanks to its special design.