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Dirimart Nişantaşı is pleased to announce .tr, Hayal Pozantı’s first solo exhibition in Turkey. The exhibition consists of paintings inspired by the history and the statistics of information technologies in Turkey.

In her work, Pozantı reveals her own cipher system, titled Instant Paradise, whereby numbers and letters from the English language are replaced by her own iconic alphabet. The alphabet emerged in relation to data encoding, which has become more prominent through the artist’s generation. Through this, she converts phrases into abstract visual compositions. Now that the mass media has considerably shortened the time required to become familiar with an image, Pozantı is looking for ways to extend this timeframe, in others words to reverse it to the old “normal.” This language that reproduces itself in countless combinations, invites the audience to pursue the patterns, which are unknown at first sight, yet evoke familiarity in time as they are repeated.




Acyrilic and oil stick on canvas, 152,4 x 335,3 cm, 2017
Current Exhibitions >> Dolapdere
Kıpraşım Ripple

Ayşe Erkmen, whose practice and in particular, her site-specific works have been etched in memory, takes the social and physical environment that she is in as a starting point and by repositioning the existing structure in her particular style, impels viewers to think about space.

With the exhibition Kıpraşım Ripple, Erkmen analyzes the architectural data, activating the walls that were added at Dirimart Dolapdere to transform the raw space into an art gallery. Referring to the constant change that the gallery undergoes for each exhibition, she takes pieces that she has ripped off of these walls, which at times carry traces of past exhibitions, and makes them volitant, hurled across the space. The gallery is thus reconstructed, becoming a work rather than an exhibition space. This intervention is accompanied by metal sculptures that give clues of the artist’s reinterpretation of the architectural plan of the gallery and her plans to transform it. A sound installation that articulates the main transportation artery through Pangaltı that the gallery is situated on, carrying inside the exhibition space the moments of moving to and from the space physically.